I’m Jaime.

This blog is all about my making adventures. You might see some knitting, sewing, quilting, embroidery, mending, fixing, and maybe even some baking. I’m enamored with the slow fashion movement and I love recycling.

When I take time away from my crafts, I spend time rock climbing, gardening, baking, feeding my sourdough starter, and riding my bike around town.

While it might seem like the only thing I do is craft, I spend most of my time as a grad student. I’m in the depths of working on my Ph.D. in Theology and Health Care Ethics. I love school and the time I get to spend reading, teaching, and writing papers. My life in the ethics world might come up every now and again.

I’m glad you found my little hole on the internet, like genuinely chuffed, so drop me a note if you feel like it!

You can read more about the meaning behind Reclaimed Craft here