Me Made May 2018 Plans

May 2018. My first Me Made May. It could not come at a worse time (final paper season, end of the semester, moving to Oregon for the summer, etc.), but I am psyched out of my mind to join in this year.

I had a few me mades in May 2017. My first t-shirt, a shift dress, a basic top and a couple of easy skirts, but for some reason I didn’t jump in – fear maybe? This year I’ve done all the things I’ve put off doing (like starting a blog), so of course I will fulfill my goal of wearing me mades for a whole month.

So what’s my challenge? I already wear at least one me made every day. It’s hard not to… my sewing and knitting plans are focused on what I will actually wear. So I’m challenging myself to wear, make, or mend a me made item each day for the month of May.

Mainly, I want to use this challenge to finish the everyday cardigan I have been trying to make since I first started knitting… I keep putting it off. I never found the right pattern, nor the right yarn color… but all this procrastination ends now: I’ve found my perfect basic cardigan.

It’s the featherweight cardigan pattern by Hannah Fettig… yep. That one cardigan pattern with over 9000 projects on Ravelry. Real original with this one, but it’s just. the. perfect. cardigan. I need this cardigan – did I mention that I HAVE JUST ONE BASIC CARDIGAN (one that I wear regularly). It’s my uniform cardigan, which is a heavier weight, more casual piece. I need a cardigan that can be dressed up or down, that will work in cool and warm weather, and that will mesh with my wardrobe. This pattern is it, the perfect everyday cardigan.

The perfect material came my way one day while I was out thrifting – a pink silk eileen fischer pullover. Light fingering weight yarn, beautiful silk feel, drape for days, and my favorite dusty pink. This thing will be perfection (have I used perfection too much, its just the only word that fits perfectly)

I’ve planned it, I’ve swatched, and I need to start knitting.

So May – bring it on, by the end I hope to have my perfect basic cardigan finished and ready for summer (most likely ready to be packed in a drawer to return in October… but still READY).


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